Every donation helps to secure the environmental work of AMAP Brazil.

We would be particularly pleased if you became a supporter of AMAP e. V. With a regular donation you ensure that AMAP Brazil can continue and expand projects for the protection of the Mata Atlântica directly on site.

  • The amount of your contribution can be choosen freely. There is no miminum amount.
  • The sponsorship can be cancelled informally at any time.
  • AMAP is recognized as a non-profit organization. The support contributions and donations are tax deductible in Germany.
  • You will receive the annual AMAP action report.

If you are resident in a country of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), you may use the following form to become a supporter. In all other cases, please set up a standing order to the AMAP e. V. donanation bank account.

You may also transfer the amount you wish to contribute directly to our donation bank account.

Donation bank account AMAP e. V.
Volksbank Mittelhessen eG
IBAN   DE19 5139 0000 0050 7124 00

Many thanks for your support. Please recommend us to others!


With your help, we can achieve a lot and help the nature and the people at the cocoa coast of Brazil!

Thank you!


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