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AMAP Germany (Almada Mata Atlântica Project) is a non-profit nature conservation organization that focuses on the protection of the golden-headed lion tamarins which are classified as endangered by the IUCN. Their only habitat, the Atlantic Forest on Brazil’s cocoa coast, has shrunk to a minimum—more than 90 percent has already been destroyed. Through land acquisition, reforestation, sustainable-ecological cocoa cultivation, and designation of protected areas, AMAP promotes the preservation and expansion of the already highly fragmented habitat of the Mata Atlântica for people and nature. Starting point of the activities in the field of action and headquarters of AMAP Brazil is the Fazenda Bom Pastor near the Almada River.

AMAP international

2016 - AMAP Germany (Marburg, Hesse): Satzung
2017 - AMAP Brazil (Ilhéus, Bahia): Estatuto
2018 - HORIZONTA-event platform (AMAP Germany): Program
2019 - AMAP Switzerland (Zürich): Statuten

Land acquisition by AMAP Brazil

2018 - Fazenda Bom Pastor

Owner: AMAP Brazil
Location: Ilhéus, Bahia
GPS: -14.68511, -39.17275
Size: 194 ha
Status: current projects

2019 - Fazenda Julia

Owner: AMAP Brazil
Location: Ilhéus, Bahia
GPS: -14.65438, -39.19342
Size: 153 ha
Status: current projects

Current land acquisition project - Fazenda Santa Rita

Location: Ilhéus, Bahia
Size: 202 ha
Status: donate now for land acquisition


With your help, we can achieve a lot and help the nature and the people at the cocoa coast of Brazil!

Thank you!


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Map of AMAP in Brazil