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Markus Mauthe
Nature photographer, writer and environmentalist

Ambassador of AMAP

“In may 2012, I went to the cocoa coast of Brazil for the first time in my function as nature photographer. I wanted to photograph the endangered golden-headed lion tamarins. I did that and lost my heart to Juliana, the owner of the Fazenda Almada, the farm where we stayed back then and which I can call my home today. Through our life together on site, I realized that in the cocoa forests, not only fascinating animals roam through the treetops. Rather, the region around the Almada river has enormous potential to harmonize the needs of humans with those of nature. We are creating new rainforests, preserving existing ones and involving the local population in our projects. I am very proud that so many great people have joined my vision of a model project. AMAP lives from the enthusiasm and conviction of everyone involved. As an ambassador of AMAP, I see my main task in making potential donors aware of the opportunities that are lying dormant in our activities. With every farm that AMAP Brazil can acquire, nature gets back the diversity of this habitat in the long term. This is ensured by our lawyers, who provide legal security for the land purchase. The idea of a large contiguous area of land that is used sustainably and whose nature is protected is now taking shape. With all the many sad news that one has to hear in recent years from other forest regions of the world, especially from Brazil, this development gives me strength and hope. With you as a supporter, tree sponsor or even major donor, we can achieve a lot in this fascinating region. AMAP works transparently and honestly—in the service of nature and the local population. I vouch for this with my name.”

Experience Markus Mauthe with his latest live stream from Brazil. For about 20 years he has been travelling through the forests of our earth as a photographer for Greenpeace.

Prof. Dr. Ingmar Unkel
Geographer and professor University of Kiel

Ambassador of the HORIZONTA

“As a geographer, the relationship of us humans to nature is near to my heart. We scientists study ecosystems, try to understand the interaction of animals and plants in them, and want to find out which changes endanger a well-established ecosystem. But if nature does not also touch me in my heart, then all knowledge does not help me either, because only what is in our heart we also want to protect. AMAP and the golden-headed lion tamarins have touched my heart. The hearts of AMAP’s staff and of myself are beating in the same rhythm and for the same aim. And the HORIZONTA festivals contribute with their pictures to showing us all the beauty of our earth and why it is worth protecting it.”

Meet Prof. Ingmar Unkel at the upcoming HORIZONTA festival Kiel.


With your help, we can achieve a lot and help the nature and the people at the cocoa coast of Brazil!

Thank you!


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