13.01.2024 Stadthalle Reutlingen

Markus Lanz - Grönland: Meine Reisen ans Ende der Welt

HORIZONTA is an annual one-day festival with three live reports each in the cities of Kiel, Lübeck, Hamburg, Kassel, and Reutlingen. These are each two hours of exciting adventure stories: told live by top-class speakers and accompanied by gripping photographies and film sequences on a 10-meter big screen with in-depth music—also suitable for children. With the specially created event platform HORIZONTA, AMAP e. V. invites citizens to combine cultural happenings with nature conservation and climate protection and to get actively involved. All proceeds from HORIZONTA go to the projects of AMAP Brazil.

Bernd Römmelt - Heimspiel - Natur vor der Haustür - das bayerische Alpenvorland




With your help, we can achieve a lot and help the nature and the people at the cocoa coast of Brazil!

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